Methenolone Acetate 10mg/tab, 100tabs/pack

Active Life:
8-12 hours
Androgenic/Anabolic Ratio: 44:88
Average Dose: 30-100mg/day
High Blood Pressure: Rare
Liver Toxic: Low, it is a unique 1-methylated steroid
Water Retention: No
Aromatization: No
DHT Conversion: Low
Decrease HPTA function: Low

PRIMOBOLAN® (Methenolone Acetate) is a dihydrotestosterone (DHT) based anabolic steroid. When Primobolan interacts with the aromatase enzyme it does not form any estrogens. It is used by people who are very susceptible to estrogenic side effects. Methenolone, in form of enanthate and acetate, is available as an injection or as an oral respectively. Methenolone regardless of the ester is a very mild anabolic steroid. The androgenic activity of this compound is considerably low, as are its anabolic properties. One should not expect to achieve great gains in muscle mass with this steroid. Instead, Primobolan is utilized when the athlete has a specific need for a mild anabolic agent, most notably in cutting phases of training. It is also a drug of choice when side effects are a concern. Primobolan will also not aromatize, so estrogen related side effects are of no concern. This is very useful when leading up to a bodybuilding contest, as subcutaneous water retention (due to estrogen) can seriously lessen the look of hardness and definition to the muscles. Non-aromatizing steroids are therefore indispensable to the competitor, helping to bring about a tight, solid build the weeks leading up to a show. And of course without excess estrogen there is little chance of the athlete developing gynecomastia. Likewise there should never be a need for anti-estrogen use with this steroid. Primobolan is also said to have a low impact on endogenous testosterone production.